Video and film material related to 2021 Summer School courses

Find videos, films and other material related to Summer School 2021 courses by browsing the links below.  Our grateful thanks to  Terrill Nicolay, Rosemary Smythe and Beverley Angus for compiling the lists. 


How artists confront times of social stress    

Modern African literature: contexts of formation           

The art novel                                                     

Sacred places: mystery, journey, perfection 

Truth and beauty in art: images of women through the ages        

Cinema and the visual arts                              

Literary creativity in J.M. Coetzee’s South African writing             

Cryptic crosswords: conspiracies, clues and compilers   

Understanding Greek art                                 

The cinema of Alfred Hitchcock                      

The hill towns of central Italy                          

Landscape and emotion                                  

Henri Matisse on the Côte d’Azur                  

Murderers: we can’t take our eyes off them

The story of opera: a visual and aural feast  

Reading Camus’ The Plague after Covid        

Poems of love and death                                 

Making sense of the Rome we see today      

Saint-Saëns: 1921–2021; ‘more than a carnival of animals’           

Art and iconoclasm: the cult of St Thomas Becket          

Tolkien’s medieval middle-earth                    

Introducing James Joyce’s Ulysses                  

Waterways of France                                       


Cape Town’s Art Deco heritage                      

Monuments and memorialisation in Mexico


Lady Anne Barnard: discoveries in cross-cultural intimacy           

El Camino de Santiago: walking the way of St James       

Cape Town’s violent crime crisis                     

The South African economy and its financial markets: review and outlook 

Theories of Empire                                           

Epidemics in South African history                 

The future of the European Union                 

Translating equality, diversity and human rights into practice                           

Creating a desirable future                              

The German predicament: Arminius to Merkel

Hitler: seduction and ruin                                

Illicit trade 101: the who, what, where, when and why of contraband trade

Jan Smuts and his Great War in Africa           



Angels of mercy: foreign women in the Anglo-Boer War        

Covid-19 and the law: How fragile is South Africa’s democracy?  

The return of racial science in university research          

Elite schools: who gets in and why?               

State capture and the media                          

When did World War II begin?                       


A journey through space and time: beyond 50 years of astronomy at UCT

Letting off steam: the Chernobyl disaster     

The ‘hard’ problem of consciousness             

Covid-19: lessons and insights                        

Forensic science, trauma and justice             

Understanding gravity                                     

The complex life of the gut: the second brain

Drawing our human family tree: why dating cavemen is so important

Islam and science: yesterday, today and the future

Seaweeds, and their role in our future          

Sleep and health: what have we learned from Covid-19



Imaging black holes with an Earth-sized telescope

Moros Intrepidus: solving a 70-million-year mystery