compiled by Finuala Dowling


Thank you for registering for A Short Course in Diary Writing. This is a course in creative writing as well as in creative and reflective reading. When you have completed ten entries in your diary you will submit an assignment for comment. This will be either a creative submission or a non-fiction essay.

If you are not registered for this course but would like to sign up, write to Bronwyn Geldenhuys.

You should start keeping a diary on the day you begin this course, and keep writing in it for ten days.

The study guide for this course provides reflections on diary writing, examples of diary writing and extracts from writing on plague and solitude. The readings have been divided up so that you will only need to read three (or at most, four) short extracts each day for ten days. The study guide also contains questions to help you reflect in a personal and creative way on what you've read.

Download a pdf of the study guide here.

To help you get an overview of these readings as well as the nature of diary writing itself, there are three short PowerPoint presentations for you to view and listen to:

A short course in diary writing 1: the value of diaries.

A short course in diary writing 2: what goes into diaries.

A short course in diary writing 3: responding to the solitude and plague readings.

Your assignment is due on or before 31 July 2020.

The study guide offers guidelines on the assignment, which may be a creative submission or a reflective non-fiction essay.