Summer School 2021

Lady Anne Barnard: discoveries in cross-cultural intimacy


Tracey Randle, curator and researcherIn 2019 curator and researcher Tracey Randle was invited by fine art auctioneers Stephan Welz and Co. to investigate the background to two watercolour portraits of mother figures painted by Lady Anne Barnard. This course reveals what happened next. One archival document led to another, taking Tracey on a fascinating journey of discovery in which she was able to unfold the lives not just of the women in the paintings to be auctioned, but the story threads of several remarkable but previously undocumented women whom Lady Anne Barnard painted on her travels. To enter the world of these paintings is to experience a cross-cultural intimacy similar to that Lady Anne Barnard herself encountered when she met, painted and began a correspondence with a fellow diarist, travel writer and Persian scholar Mirza Abu Taleb Khan.


  1. Ganzekraal: a matrilineage
  2. Mirza Abu Taleb Khan: a fellow diarist and travel writer
  3. ‘Not the Maid of Madagascar’: Judith of Swellendam’s story
  4. Petronella Sophia Faure (Camijn) of Stellenbosch: artist, poet and writer
  5. Renaming and reimagining Lady Anne’s visual archive: class Q&A and discussion

This course consists of four illustrated lectures delivered on the Microsoft Teams platform, as well as a final class discussion session on the same platform. Participants will be sent a link.


 Date: 18–23 January 
Time: 3.00 pm