Graham Dukas, poet, coach and business consultant

This practical writing course will explore the pleasures of short form poetry. A set exercise will be completed overnight for reading and discussion the following day. Participants will be encouraged to read and share their poems and writing experiences, offering constructive feedback to each other in a facilitated workshop setting. Each session will include a brief presentation by the course leader of poems that will serve as examples of the particular theme to be explored overnight and at the following day’s session.



1.     Introduction: why short form poetry?

2.     Humour and the short form

3.     Why poetry that bites its own tail works so well (the wicked twist)

4.     Loss and longing

5.     Of people and places


Date: 15-19 January  Venue: Classroom 4B, Kramer Law Building
Time: 10.00 am - 12.00 pm

No admission to single sessions

MAXIMUM: 20 participants
COURSE FEES  Full: R1 220,00  Staff: R855,00  Reduced: R605,00