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Webinar 9: Experiences from the front line: Community healthcare during COVID-19

You are invited to join the sixth conversation in the UCT Summer School's 'Unlocking COVID-19: Current Realities, Future Opportunities?' series featuring conversations with leading authorities, UCT academics and fellow UCT alumni.

'Experiences from the frontline: community healthcare during COVID-19'
Dr Shaheem de Vries in conversation with Dr Leanne Brady

Date:          Wednesday, 22 July 2020
Time:         15h30 - 16h30 (CAT/ SAST)
Platform:   Microsoft Teams

About the speakers

Dr Shaheem de Vries is the current head of the Western Cape Government Health Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Having completed his internship in 2000, he has spent nearly twenty years in emergency medicine, most of that within the pre-hospital services. His journey has seen him exposed to a many varied developing and developed EMS systems across Africa which has also afforded him recognition by the WHO as an EMS global expert. He is currently completing an executive MBA at the Graduate School of Business with a special interest in safety within complex systems. Dr de Vries is also a UCT alumnus.

Dr Leanne Brady is part of the Salt River CAN, and the Cape Town Together Community Action Network. She is a public sector doctor in Emergency Medical Services, Western Cape Department of Health. She also works with a range of arts-based methods such as documentary film, photography and poetry to better understand and engage with the complex social issues that impact the health system. She is currently a PhD candidate in the Health Policy and Systems Division at the University of Cape Town.

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