Coordinated by Dr Kevin Winter, Future Water Research Institute, University of Cape Town

Since 1999, the City of Cape Town has had some success in bringing down per capita water use. Plans to increase the available supply using other water sources will come at considerable cost, but will enable the city to shift away from a reliance on surface water. The long term consequences of the shift to new sources of water will involve not only cost and different impacts on the environment, but new opportunities in the green economy.

These lectures will provide a new understanding of what Cape Town needs to do to become a water sensitive city. The four-lecture course will present ways of thinking about and using water that will enable the city to promote equitable, sustainable water use. Three central ideas will be discussed: understanding the concept of water sensitive cities using practical examples and applications in Cape Town and elsewhere in the world; treating cities as catchment areas within themselves; and exploring new investments in urban water management.



1. Water sensitive cities  Dr Kirsty Carden, Future Water, UCT

2. Sustainable urban drainage  Prof Neil Armitage, Urban Water Management Research Unit, Future Water, UCT

3. Innovations in urban water management  Dr Kevin Winter, Environmental and Geographical Science Department, UCT

4. Prospects and opportunities for developing Cape Town into a water sensitive city  Dr Kevin Winter, Environmental and Geographical Science Department, UCT


Date: Monday 15–Thursday 18 January   Venue: LT3
Time: 9.15 am
COURSE  FEES Full: R410,00  Staff: R205,00  Reduced: R100,00