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Edward Saunders, lecturer

This course offers a study of the development of the English decorative arts from the Middle Ages to 1800, using the most prominent wood of each period as an indicator of changing fashions. The age of oak covers the period leading up to the Tudors in the sixteenth century when sumptuous costume and textiles clashed with a very basic lifestyle; the age of walnut shows an increasing emphasis on elaborate decoration and ornament in all the arts with the rise of the Stuart monarchy through the seventeenth century. During the age of mahogany of the eighteenth century, and the Regency to follow, English life became more international, sophisticated and grander, typified by mahogany from the West Indies. The furniture, silver, glass, ceramics and textiles of each period will be seen in the context of period rooms which survive in country houses



1. The age of oak

2. The age of walnut

3. The age of mahogany



Date: Monday 14-Wednesday 16 January
Time: 11.15 am
COURSE FEES: Full R330,00  Staff and Students R165,00
Venue: LT1 Kramer Law Building UCT