Professor Eugene Moll, Extraordinary Professor, Department of Biodiversity and Conservation Biology, University of the Western Cape

Traditionally, trees have been identified using complex vegetative criteria. Most reference books are full of botanical jargon because they are written by ‘experts’. The challenge is to find a way to make tree identification easier for ordinary people who do not have access to flowers and microscopes, tree DNA and/or herbaria. In this course, participants will learn some of the tips and tricks of a fifty-year veteran of tree identification who himself was guilty of botanical obfuscation in the past and now believes that it is possible for novices to learn how to identify most trees with certainty and relative ease.

Participants are welcome and encouraged to bring tree images for discussion and identification (preferably on a thumb-drive so that they can be loaded onto PowerPoint).


Recommended reading

Moll, E. 2011. What’s that Tree? A Starter’s Guide to Trees of Southern Africa. Cape Town: Struik.


Date: Saturday 12 August
Time: 4.00 pm–6.00 pm
COURSE FEES Full: R193,00  Staff: R95,00  Reduced: R50,00