James Bainbridge, travel writer

This practical writing course covers the nitty-gritty of travel writing, providing practical tips and feedback to aspiring writers, demystifying the travel media industry, and answering questions such as how to approach editors and whether travel writers actually get paid to travel. As well as covering different travel-writing genres and finding inspiration in passages by great writers, the interactive sessions will focus on the nuts and bolts of crafting engaging, cliché-free travel prose. There will be numerous opportunities for students to write to a brief and receive feedback on their work, both in class and between sessions. As such, participants should have a laptop or digital device and be happy to read out their work (or have it read out). The course will suit people interested in improving their writing skills for their own creative pleasure, as well as graduate and postgraduate students considering a career in writing.

Participants will be introduced to different forms of narrative travel writing, from humorous to adventure seeking. They will learn how to get ahead in travel writing via pitching, social media and editors. Finally, they will receive insights into guidebook writing from someone who is actively involved in researching and updating the famous Lonely Planet guidebooks.

Participants should bring an example of travel writing that sums up why they love this genre of literature. A paragraph will be enough ̶ perhaps from a great travel book, a travel magazine or even a personal notebook.


Date: Monday 7–Friday 11 August 
Time: 10.00 am–12.00 pm

No admission to single sessions

MAXIMUM 20 participants
COURSE FEES Full:  R1 150,00  Staff: R805,00  Reduced: R570,00