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Summer School 2017 timetable and venues

Summer School 2017 timetable and venues


  • 9.15 a.m. Mon-Sat 16-21 January

    South Africa’s ‘forgotten’ first people    LT2 Kramer

    Eleusian mysteries (Mon 16–Wed 18)     LT1 Kramer

    Thunder birds (Thurs 19–Fri 20) LT1 Kramer

  • 9.30 a.m. Mon-Fri 16-20 January

    3D > 2D: Kirstenbosch, Goldfields Education Centre

  • 10.00 am Mon-Sat 16-21 January

    Rare books and archives:  Upper campus, Jagger library

    The short story: classroom 4A, Kramer building 

    World of insects (Sat 21): Upper campus, John Day building

    Zamani and Petra (Sat 21): LT3, Kramer building

    Autism spectrum disorder (Sat 21): LT2, Kramer building

  • 11.15 am Mon-Sat 16-21 January

    1917 – The Great War: LT2, Kramer building

    Making the atomic bomb: LT3, Kramer building      

    Art and architecture in Vienna: LT1, Kramer building

  • 1.00 pm Mon-Sat 16-21 January

    Negative emotions: LT2, Kramer building         

    Human origins: LT1, Kramer building

    Modern African literature (Mon 16–Wed 18): LT3, Kramer building

    Kosi Bay (Thurs 19): LT3, Kramer building

    From Earth to sky (Sat 21): LT2, Kramer building

    Our environmental dilemma (Sat 21): LT3, Kramer building

    ‘Cr-ritic!’  (Sat 21): LT1, Kramer building

  • 3.30 pm Mon-Sat 16-21 January


    Modern British fantasy: LT3, Kramer Building  

    The Medici of Florence: LT1, Kramer Building    

    Japonism to modernism (Mon 16–Wed 18): LT2, Kramer Building      

    Antisemitism in South Africa (Thurs 19–Fri 20): LT2, Kramer Building    

  • 5.30 pm Mon-Sat 16-21 January

    Xhosa (continues until 3 Feb): Classroom 5A, Kramer building     

    A brief tour of the Universe: LT1, Kramer building        

    Metals in African civilisations: LT3, Kramer building      

    Tobacco, e-cigarettes and dagga (Mon 16–Wed 18): LT2, Kramer building   

  • 6.00 pm Mon-Sat 16-21 January

    Italian (continues until 10 Feb): Classroom 5C, Kramer building

  • 7.30 pm Mon-Sat 16-21 January

    International trade: economic theory: LT3, Kramer building     

    Obesity in South Africa (Mon 16–Wed 18): LT2, Kramer building            

    Gang town (Mon 16–Wed 18): LT1, Kramer building    

    Frantz Fanon (Thurs 19–Fri 20): LT2, Kramer building


  • 9.15 a.m. Mon-Fri 23-27 January

    Marriage in Shakespeare: LT3, Kramer Building              

    The Crimea: LT1, Kramer Building        

    The mystic and the mathematician (Mon 23–Wed 25): LT2, Kramer Building     

    Writing animals into history (Thurs 26–Fri 27): LT2, Kramer Building

  • 9.30 a.m. Mon-Fri 23-27 January

    Drawn to paint: Kirstenbosch, Goldfields Education Centre

  • 10.00 am Mon-Sat 23-27 January

    Creative fiction: Classroom 4A, Kramer building

    Historical non-fiction: Classroom 4B, Kramer building

  • 11.15 am Mon-Fri 23-27 January

    Contemporary art: LT1, Kramer building          

    Wizardry of words: LT2, Kramer building          

    The black middle class (Mon 23–Thurs 26): LT3, Kramer building

  • 1.00 pm Mon-Fri 23-27 January

    The cell: LT1, Kramer building

    The road from the 2016 local elections (Mon 23–Tues 24): LT2, Kramer building             

    A celebration of lighthouses (Wed 25–Fri 27): LT2, Kramer building       

    Early hunting techniques (Mon 23): LT3, Kramer building        

    Reconciliation (Tues 24): LT3, Kramer building              

    Public broadcasting in South Africa (Thurs 26): LT3, Kramer building      

  • 3.30 pm Mon-Fri 23-27 January

    Climate change in Cape Town: LT2, Kramer Building     

    Love in modern literature (Mon 23–Wed 25): LT3, Kramer building      

    The Bolshevik Revolution (Mon 23–Wed 25): LT1, Kramer building   

    Cardiovascular imaging (Thurs 26–Fri 27): LT3, Kramer building  

  • 5.30 pm Mon-Fri 23-27 January

    Xhosa (continues until 3 Feb): Classroom 5A, Kramer building     

    Art Nouveau, 1895–1914: LT1, Kramer building               

    Mining and development: LT2, Kramer building               

    Organ donation and transplantation: LT3, Kramer building  

  • 6.00 pm Mon-Fri 23-27 January

    Italian (continues until 10 Feb): Classroom 5C, Kramer building

  • 7.30 pm Mon-Fri 23-27 January

    Twenty years of constitutionalism: LT1, Kramer building            

    South African photography: LT3, Kramer building        

    Decolonial thought: LT2, Kramer building        

  • 8.00 pm Mon-Fri 23-27 January

    Bach, Brahms and Beethoven (Mon 23–Wed 25): Baxter Theatre 

    Jazz at the Baxter (Thurs 26–Fri 27): Baxter Theatre