Dr Gosia Lipinska, lecturer, Department of Psychology, University of Cape Town

This course will cover some of the latest neuroscientific insights regarding the emotional regulatory function of sleep. The lectures will highlight the critical role that dreaming may play in this process. They will explore how disruptions in sleep and dreaming may contribute to psychiatric disorders such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.



1. Introduction to sleep and dreaming

2. The role of dreaming in emotional processing

3. Dreaming in psychiatric disorders – what goes wrong and what can we learn?


Recommended reading

Palmer, C.A., & Alfano, C.A. 2017. Sleep and emotion regulation: An organizing, integrative review. Sleep Medicine Reviews, 31, 6–16.

Perogamvros, L., & Schwartz, S. 2015. Sleep and emotional functions. Current Topics in Behavioral Neuroscience, 25, 411–431.

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These articles are available for download on the Summer School website.



Date: Monday 21 – Wednesday 23 January 
Time: 11.15 am
COURSE FEES Full: R330,00  Staff and Students R165,00
Venue: LT3 Kramer Law Building UCT