The Centre for Extra-Mural Studies is proud to offer two short courses in February and March 2019:

  • Returning to university and starting a thesis
  • The craft of editing



Bastienne Klein, academic mentor


Mon 4–Thurs 7 March 2019, 9am–11 am        Maximum 20 participants            FEE R2 000

Kramer Law Building Classroom 5G


This four-day hands-on workshop is aimed at anybody who is interested in returning to do postgraduate study at university, and who would like to be updated on the process of thinking through a topic and writing an argument statement towards an academic proposal. It would suit participants of any age group, whether or not they have enrolled for their chosen degree.


Topics covered include:

  • What’s changed since I was last at university?
  • How do I deal with the admin juggernaut?
  • How should I approach starting a degree?
  • Where can I find assistance?


The main part of the course involves facilitated real-time proposal and argument writing sessions. Participants will be assisted with relevant tools and tricks, including but not limited to:

  • How to find a research area
  • How to start the literature review
  • How to write a thesis argument
  • How to map out the thesis
  • How to get mentoring on a proposal area.

On completion, you will have achieved a draft piece of writing to present to a potential supervisor. Participants are encouraged to bring any issues they would like to deal with or writing they have completed thus far. A laptop with Wi-Fi capacity will be useful, as will felt tip markers and some scrap paper. 


To book: Complete the registration form and send it to Bronwyn Geldenhuys

(If you would like an editable word version of the registration form, please mail us to request one.)






Helen Moffett, editor, writing mentor, poet and novelist


Mon 18 February–Fri 1 March 2019, 4.00 pm–6.00 pm    Maximum 20 participants            FEE: R5 000

Editors are basically psychologists who charge a lower hourly rate – Louis Greenberg


Many believe they understand what happens when a manuscript is edited (‘You correct the spelling and grammar, right?’). However, editing encompasses a wide range of skills and procedures, many of which are mysteries to the reading public, and hotly debated even within the publishing and journalism fields.

Editing done by professionals (those paid to edit a manuscript written by someone else) and editing done by writers polishing their own work involve different tasks, even though there is a large degree of overlap. This course is primarily aimed at writers hoping to edit their own work, although there will be substantial discussion of professional editing as well, which will be useful to those who go on to have their works accepted by publishers.

This intensive short course will cover the theory, practice and tricks of the trade of editing, with extensive practical examples and exercises. Among the topics covered in ten two-hour sessions:

  • the different kinds of editing (developmental editing, structural editing, copy editing, line editing, sub-editing, production management)
  • the politics and ethics of editing
  • how to assess and develop a manuscript, including your own
  • what do (good) editors really do? Hint: way more than you think. This can include publisher and production team liaison, fact-checking, drawing up a style guide, hunting copyright sources, writing blurbs and other marketing materials, lion-taming (aka author management) and more
  • editing primarily for the reader, NOT the author (critical if a writer is trying to edit their own work)
  • the nitty-gritty: taking a red pen to a text
  • what NOT to do when editing
  • editing different kinds of works: fiction, including so-called genre fiction
  • editing different kinds of works: non-fiction, including academic works and multiple author projects
  • production magic: what do editors do at proof stage?

To book: Complete the registration form and send it to Bronwyn Geldenhuys

(If you would like an editable word version of the registration form, please mail us to request one.)