Mary Metcalfe, education policy expert

With among the world’s lowest literacy and numeracy rates and highest dropout and failure rate, South Africa’s school system is undeniably in a crisis that has far-reaching implications for the country’s development. The solution does not lie in lowering the pass mark or instituting condoned passes that create problems further down the line. Instead what is needed is a conversation at national level about the pervasive and unchanging inequalities of race, class, geographical location, gender and of language that have left South Africa’s primary and secondary systems in a precarious state, and the urgent interventions that are needed to fix the crisis. This three-lecture course will outline both the problems in schools and potential solutions, from improving administrative systems so that greater efficiencies are achieved to improving support to teachers and the availability of textbooks.



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1. Quantity versus quality in South African education: the implications

2. The crisis in South Africa’s schools

3. Possible solutions to the schools’ crisis in South Africa



Date: Monday 7 – Wednesday 9 January 
Time: 9.15 am
COURSE FEES Full: R330,00  Staff and Students R165,00
Venue: LT3 Kramer Law Building UCT