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Jill Trappler, artist

As with domestic, organisational or business restructuring, a knowledge of previous models and structures is required in art. In this practical image making course participants will look at how two-dimensional images are composed, and how they can review previous models and extend or find new ways of restructuring images using the formal elements of image making (colour, line, tone, shape, texture, composition and mark) in order to review, reinvigorate and refresh adopted models, preconceptions and habits.

Participants need to familiarise themselves with the following paintings which are all available online:

Matisse (Flowers 1907 and the cut outs), Hockney, Picasso, Monet (Waterlilies 1914 to 1926), O’Keeffe, Lichtenstein (Black Flowers 1961), Kusama (Ready to Blossom in the Morning 1989), Warhol (Flowers 1964), Haverman, (A Vase of Flowers 1716), Van Gogh, (Irises 1890) and Klimt (The Sunflower 1906).


A list of materials will be supplied.



Date: 14 – 18 January 
Time: 9.30 am
Venue: Goldfields Education Centre, Kirstenbosch
Maximum: 20 participants
COURSE FEES Full: R3003,00  Staff and Students R1370,00