Primrose Mrwebi, poet and journalist, and Nash Pilingane, poet

‘We know almost nothing about how specific poems, poets and types of poetry have been shaped by expectations of performance … In our view, histories of English-language poetry of the past 60 years are so much based on the study of printed texts that they miss one of the most important forces at work in the shaping of poetry’, argue the authors of an academic paper entitled ‘Blasts of Language: Changes in Oral Poetics in Britain since 1965’. 

In this lunchtime session, two performance poets, Nash Pilingane and Primrose Mrwebi demonstrate their art and comment on how knowing that they are going to perform their work for an audience shapes the poetry they write.


Recommended reading

Pilingane, N.N. 2011. Life is a Performance. Central Press.


Date: Saturday 12 August 
Time: 1.00 pm–2.00 pm
COURSE FEES Full: R95,00  Staff: R50,00  Reduced: R22,00