Living between science and belief

6 Nov 2021 - 15:00

The nexus between science and traditional religion raises questions concerning reported and existential experiences that are part of life. Can such experiences be reduced to the intersect between nerve cells and the molecules of the physical brain? How is this related to the human sense of mystery, spirituality, secular humanism, and open-ended agnosticism? 

Individual and communal identity is largely a social construction, attributable to colleagues, mentors, interlocutors, critics, companions, priests, rabbis, imams and specific communities. The twenty-second century Western society, however, challenges existing religious constructs, with statistics showing that an increasing number of people in the United States and Europe do not have a formal religious attachment. 

The science of belief suggests a divide between those who turn their backs on established religion and those who reject modern scientific insights.  The alternative is to explore again the confluence between the ‘spirituality of science’ and the ‘science of spirituality’.