Jade Gibson, Pat Fahrenfort and Dawn Garisch

This course consists of a series of discussions by new authors, based in Cape Town. What links the three authors is that they have all recently published autobiographical memoirs or semi-autobiographical fiction. Based on a true story, Jade Gibson’s Glowfly Dance focuses on the perspective, resilience and survival of children, and the failure of society to shield women from violence while protecting the perpetrators. Dawn Garisch is part of the Life Righting Collective which has published its first anthology, This is How It Is, a testament to the role played by regular creative practice in promoting mental health and social cohesion. Pat Fahrenfort’s memoir Spanner in the Works follows her forty six year journey in the workplace, tracing elements of sexual harassment and power relations as well as her meteoric rise during the years.



1. Glowfly dance  Jade Gibson

2. A spanner in the works  Pat Fahrenfort

3. This is how it is   Dawn Garisch


Recommended reading

Fahrenfort,P. Spanner in the Works. Cape Town:Umuzi.

Gibson, J. 2015. Glowfly Dance. Cape Town: Umuzi

Life Righting Collective. 2018. This Is How It Is. Johannesburg: Jacana.



Date: Monday 14 – Wednesday 16 January 
Time: 1.00 pm
COURSE FEES Full: R330,00  Staff and Students R165,00
Venue: Classroom 2A Kramer Law Building UCT