Dr Susan Blackbeard

The first lecture of this course takes participants on a journey through the Kat River in the Eastern Cape from 1829 to 2016, based on interviews with people of Khoikhoi, Hoenigqua and other descent. It will include an overview of the genesis of the Kat River settlement and its ideological bases, the Kat River Rebellion, wars in the Waterkloof and Winterberg, forced removals, land claims, colonial attitudes to women and leprosy, and the glorification of Kat River heroes. The second lecture, based on interviews with people of Khoikhoi descent in the Cederberg Mountains, looks at the way in which the pastoral tradition of transhumance dominated the lives of herders and their families. It also demonstrates the influence of Rhenish and Moravian Missions on these people and woodcutters, shaping the values and traditions of their current communities.




1. Kat River conversations

2. Cederberg conversations


Date: Thursday 10 – Friday 11 January 
Time: 3.00 pm
COURSE FEES Full: R220,00  Staff and Students R110,00
VENUE: Classroom 2A, Kramer Law Building, UCT