Songo Sokhululeka Didiza, founder and CEO of Green Building Design Group NPC

This course will offer a practical introduction to the world of green building design not only for the building professional, but also the general public. It highlights legislation pertaining to green buildings, as well as end-user based incentives for carbon reduction. It will introduce various building design methods, guiding participants through the choices required during the building project design process – whether it be in respect of residential buildings, schools, pack houses, warehouses, cellars, sheds or any other building – in an environmentally friendly, sustainable and inclusive way. Green building design offers a range of benefits: improved energy efficiency, occupant health and productivity, reduced maintenance, and greater design flexibility. This interactive course aims to encourage an inter-sectoral exchange of knowledge and experience as well as to create fertile grounds for the development of world-class, innovative, sustainable green building design solutions.



1.  Green buildings: benefits and incentives

2.  Green buildings: methods and choices


Recommended Reading

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To Build. 2019. Carbon Tax & the Economy. 



Date: Monday 6–Tuesday 7 January
Time: 9.15 am
COURSE FEES: Full R236 Staff & Students R118
Venue: Classroom 2B Kramer Law Building UCT