Dr Barry Smith, conductor, organist and musicologist

Handel and Bach are often called ‘The Gemini of the Baroque’, but their works demonstrate that they are by no means identical twins. Bach wrote principally for the church, with passions, cantatas and organ works dedicated to the glory of God. Handel’s compositions are intended for the sheer enjoyment of his secular audiences and royalty, as well as for the church, with much-loved orchestral works, oratorios and operas. These two lecture performances will show Handel’s all-embracing and genial genius in a cheerful concerto grosso, some catchy harpsichord and organ music as well as in evergreen vocal and choral highlights from works which have stirred audiences over the past three centuries.

To mark Barry’s eightieth birthday UCT Summer School thanks him for the wealth of superb music he has brought to participants over the years. The invitation to present this course is a tribute to his special feeling for Handel.



Date: Monday 20–Tuesday 21 January
Time: 8.00 pm
COURSE FEES: Full R360 Staff & Students R180 
Tickets at the door: Full R180 Staff & Students R90
VENUE: Baxter Theatre Concert Hall