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Platonism, mathematics and divinity  
Reading Marx and Freud reading censorship and repression  
Mortality as awakened consciousness  
The elusive Phoenicians 
Egyptian thought and myth 
Oceanic histories 
A capsule history of Brazil 
Massacre on the frontiers: c. 1780–1820 
Crimea: myth and memory 
The future of Britain 
Early Cape: people, places and inside stories  
The legacy of Coenraad de Buys  
More untold stories of the Anglo-Boer War 
Louis Botha and Jan Smuts  
South Africa’s Desert War 
Cape Town remembers World War I 
Five crises in UCT’s history 
Ben Kies: social and political thought  
The South African economy: rethinking its future 
Policing gangs through the army 
The political landscape after the 2019 elections 
Elections 2019: a critical reflection 
South Africa’s nuclear deal: Is it dead and buried?  
Debates over the South African Reserve Bank 
The secret lives of spies 
The Stellenbosch Mafia  
Reading and the SA cognitive catastrophe 
Introduction to green building design  
The future of work: the fourth industrial revolution 
Whose language is ‘Khoekhoegowab’?  
Rethinking Africa: the case for Khoekhoegowab in contemporary South Africa 
Translating equality, diversity and human rights into practice  
Health inequalities and the National Health Insurance 
Socio-economic rights: pathways to transformation? 
Tracing South Africa’s political ‘disappeared’ 

Is democracy a Western plot? 
Thuli Madonsela on ethical leadership and good governance 
Inside the Eskom crisis 
The aftermath of state capture: constitutional challenges 
The Fourth Industrial Revolution and society 
Wilder lives  
Africa’s space heritage  
The Ochberg orphans: An episode in the history of the Cape Jewish Orphanage 
My Dear Children: Reflections on the legacy of a father given up for adoption  
African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCTA) 

Cyril's choices: Lessons from 25 years of freedom in South Africa

In conversation
The dangers of lawfare: Law as a weapon against itself 
A house divided: Battle for the Mother City