Dr Peter Anderson, senior lecturer, Department of English, University of Cape Town

This course takes five poems concerned with worship, prayer or the numinous encounter to explore the relationship of poetry to the strange thing called prayer. It is an opportunity to learn to read poems more thoroughly and with greater pleasure, to think about the discourse we call ‘prayer’ and to engage with the points of contact between language and what cannot be said in language – and for which poetry exists to make some effort to amend. Poems are accessible on the internet, but copies will be distributed.




1. John Donne: ‘Batter My Heart’

2. George Herbert: ‘Prayer’

3. John Milton: ‘On his Blindness’

4. Carol Ann Duffy: ‘Prayer’

5. R.S. Thomas: ‘The Bright Field’



Date: 20–24 January  
Time: 11.15 am 
COURSE FEES: Full R590.00 Staff & Students R295.00
Venue: LT3 Kramer Law Building UCT