• Why doesn’t the course I am interested in have a scheduled start or end time?

    A few courses are offered with no scheduled time of day. The lecture material for these courses is offered in the form of videos or narrated PowerPoint presentations and may be viewed at a time of day convenient to you.

  • Will lectures be recorded for viewing later?

    Some lectures will be recorded. Participants will be sent a link once they are available.

  • How do I log on to a lecture?

    Click on the link you were sent.  If this doesn’t work, copy the URL for the meeting and paste it directly into your browser bar at the top of your internet search page.

  • When I click on the link to my lecture, I reach a page which offers me three options to join the meeting. Which is correct?

    If you do not already have the Microsoft Teams app on your computer and you do not wish to download the app, select continue on this browser.

  • How do I see the lecturer only on my screen, not the other participants?

    Next to the lecturer’s name on the screen you will see three dots (…). Click on these and select the ‘pin’ option.

  • How do I prevent other participants from seeing me?

    Find the camera icon and click it. When the camera icon has a strikethrough mark, you are not visible to others.

  • How do I prevent others from hearing the background noises in my environment?

    Click the microphone icon. When a strikethrough mark appears, you are not audible to others.

  • Where can I download a free version of Microsoft Teams?

  • Why has the lecturer’s PowerPoint disappeared from my screen even though others are seeing it?

    Try leaving the online meeting and then returning. This often corrects the problem.

  • Why have I stopped being able to see and hear the lecture?

    Try leaving the online meeting and then returning. This often corrects the problem.