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EMS Staff


Medeé Rall – Director

021 650 2885


Medeé Rall is the Director of the Centre for Extra-Mural Studies and a Senior Lecturer. She holds a Masters degree in Education in Applied Language and Literacy Studies from the University of Cape Town. She is currently a doctoral candidate. The focus of her thesis is on representation in museums.  Her research interests are museum and heritage studies.






Finuala Dowling – Senior Lecturer

021 650 2886


Formerly an English lecturer, Dr Finuala Dowling​ is now a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Extra-Mural Studies where she is co-convenor of the annual Summer School. She also freelances as a poetry teacher and writer. Her first poetry anthology, I Flying, was published in 2002 and won the Ingrid Jonker Prize. Her second collection, Doo-Wop Girls of the Universe, was joint winner of the Sanlam Prize for poetry, and her third, Notes from the Dementia Ward, won the Olive Schreiner Prize. Her first novel was What Poets Need, followed by Flyleaf, and then Homemaking for the Down-at-Heart for which she won 2012 M-Net Literary Award (English category).  Her most recent novel The Fetch was released in 2015. 




Zuleiga Adams – Lecturer   


021 650 4087


Dr Zuleiga Adams is a historian and lecturer specializing in African and South African history. She has taught, designed and convened undergraduate and postgraduate courses in African history; the history of the apartheid city; gender and African history; race, culture and identity; memory, trauma and history. She has lectured at the University of the Western Cape and at Stellenbosch University, and is currently a lecturer in the Centre for Extra-Mural Studies where she is co-convenor of the annual Summer School. She holds a PhD in History from the University of the Western Cape. Her PhD thesis focused on the life of Demitrios Tsafendas, the man who assassinated Hendrik Verwoerd, the so-called ‘architect’ of apartheid, and explored the relationship between madness and politics in the history of South Africa. Her Masters research focused on the impact of the trauma of forced removals on the construction of memories about District Six. She has also done extensive research on the history of slavery in Cape Town. 




Arlene Bowers –Departmental Manager

021 650 2891










Fezile Kama – Administrative Officer

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Bronwyn Geldenhuys – Senior Secretary

021 650 2634