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Summer School Staff


Medeé Rall – Director

021 650 2885


Dr Medeé Rall is the Director of Summer School. She holds a PhD degree from the University of Cape Town. Her research interests are museum and heritage studies.


Finuala Dowling – Senior Lecturer

021 650 2886


Dr Finuala Dowling​ is a Senior Lecturer at Summer School where she is co-convenor of the annual Summer School. She is a poet and novelist.   







Zuleiga Adams – Lecturer   


021 650 4087


Dr Zuleiga Adams is a historian and lecturer specializing in African and South African history. Her PhD thesis focused on the life of Demitrios Tsafendas, the man who assassinated Hendrik Verwoerd, the so-called ‘architect’ of apartheid, and explored the relationship between madness and politics in the history of South Africa. 




Arlene Bowers –Departmental Manager

021 650 2891



Fezile Kama – Administrative Officer

021 650 3457









Bronwyn Geldenhuys – Administrative Assistant

021 650 2634