Professor Colin Bundy, retired, and Professor André Odendaal, Honorary Professor in History and Heritage Studies, University of the Western Cape

This course demonstrates that the history of cricket provides an acute lens through which to examine the social and political history of the countries in which it is played. The first lecture argues for cricket history as far more than the chronicle of a quirky game. The second lecture sketches the history of English cricket over the past century and shows that dramatic changes in how the game is played, administered, financed and watched are part of British social history. The final lectures cover the history of cricket in South Africa, and trace some of the ways in which cricket echoed and reflected major historical processes that shaped the country. These lectures survey South African cricket from its imperial and military origins, through its segregated structures and the international isolation, to the unification and fault-lines of the post-apartheid game.



1. Taking guard: cricket and history

2. On a sticky wicket: English cricket from the Golden Age to the IPL

3. No ball: cricket, conquest, and the shaping of the South African game

4. Caught behind: segregation, isolation and the D’Oliveira effect

5. Stuck in the crease? Cricket in democratic South Africa


Recommended reading

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Date: 14 –18 January 
Time: 6.45 pm
COURSE FEES Full: R550,00  Staff and Students R275,00
Venue: LT2 Kramer Law Building UCT