John Skotnes, jeweller, sculptor and jewellery design teacher

This is a five-lecture, image-driven course is partly based on some of the themes developed in ‘A Virtual Gallery of Contemporary Jewellery’ by British jewellery historian Kenneth Quickenden and the 2005 PhD exhibition by Jack Cunningham from the Glasgow School of Art. The latter was called Maker-Wearer-Viewer and brought together the jewellery of over seventy European jewellers from twenty countries. The exhibition highlighted the triangular relationship between the maker, the re-interpretive role of the wearer, and the viewer, who ultimately engages with the work. This concept becomes the framework for analysing a range of modern jewellery images under five suggestive headings that will promote an interactive understanding of the creative voice that jewellery has in our contemporary world.



1. Narrative

2. Movement

3. Mixed materials

4. New sites for jewellery

5. Pain and pleasure


Recommended reading

Fenn, M. 2017. Narrative Jewelry – Tales from the Toolbox. New York: Schiffer Publishing Ltd. 

Klimt02 website. (Discover Art Jewellery from Selected Jewellers, Galleries and Institutions)



Date: 7 – 11 January 
Time: 11.15 am
COURSE FEES Full: R550,00  Staff and Students R275,00
Venue: LT2 Kramer Law Building UCT