Emeritus Professor Julian Cooke, Professor Lucien le Grange, Simone le Grange, Professor David Dewar, Dr Luyanda Mpahlwa, architects

This urban design course will discuss how the city is organised spatially, how quality is achieved in the making of city spaces, and in how architecture contributes to that. It will present a vision of a future, more sustainable Cape Town. It will begin with outlining a set of criteria by which a ‘good’ city may be defined, according to which Cape Town performs very badly.  The course will show what Cape Town would look like physically, how it would be experienced, what daily life could be like for its inhabitants if it were to meet the criteria adequately. The course will ask what obstructions there are to achieving a more positive vision despite having had many of these criteria built into its policy for a number of years. Finally, a plan of action and its implications countrywide will be described.



1. Performance criteria for a good city Prof Lucien le Grange

2. How does Cape Town match up to these criteria? Simone le Grange

3. A vision for a better performing Cape Town Prof Julian Cooke

4. What obstructs Cape Town from becoming a better city?  Prof David Dewar

5. Plan of action and lessons for urban development country-wide Luyanda Mpahlwa



Date:  28 January– 1 February 
Time: 6.00 pm
COURSE FEES Full: R550,00  Staff and Students R275,00
Venue: CWD Athlone Cultural Hub