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Baxter Music Programme

The Baxter Theatre Music Programme, a highlight of the University of Cape Town’s annual Summer School, now also forms part of its Winter School. The programme was launched in 1996, with the express purpose of integrating academically grounded discussions of music with actual performance. It has grown from strength to strength, over the last three years drawing audiences of over 500 every night. The programme typically consists of lecture-performances by some of Cape Town’s most acclaimed musicians.


At Winter School 2017 we will host Barry Smith with Simply Schubert.



Dr Barry Smith, musicologist, conductor and organist

The short life of Franz Schubert (1797–1828) left a legacy of music which has ensured his immortality. Within the range and variety of his works it is probably his ability to reflect deep sorrow, overwhelming joy and light-hearted serenity that so powerfully moves his listeners.

The two works featured in this lecture-performance perfectly exemplify this gift. ‘The Shepherd on the Rock’ (Der Hirt auf dem Felsen), possibly Schubert’s last song, ranges from mild sadness through melancholy to exuberance.  It is not a typical lied, being multi-sectional like a cantata and with interwoven clarinet and piano accompaniment. Schubert wrote it for the operatic soprano Anna Milder-Hauptmann, to illustrate her power to convey different emotions.

The second work to be performed will be the Octet in F major for strings and wind instruments, the six movements of which lead us through experiences that touch the heart. This most unusual of Schubert’s chamber works, composed in 1824, was commissioned by Ferdinand Troyer, the most famous clarinettist of his day, who wanted a piece similar to Beethoven’s popular Septet, and epitomises Schubert’s mastery of melody and counterpoint.

The well-known instrumentalists in this evening’s tribute to Schubert will include Peter and Suzanne Martens, Daniel Prozesky, and distinguished South African soprano Elsabe Richter.


Friday 18 August 8.00–10.00pm

COURSE FEES: Full R155,00  Staff & Reduced R120,00

At the door Full R175,00  Staff & Reduced R125,00