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Art and medicine (Professor Ian Aaronson, Distinguished University Professor, Department of Urology, Medical University of South Carolina, USA)
Barry Smith’s musical journey (Dr Barry Smith, organist, conductor and musicologist)
Chagall and the supremacy of blue (Hilary Hope Guise, artist and art historian)
Delft, Vermeer and the forger (Edward Saunders, freelance lecturer)
With criminal intent: reading detective fiction (Professor Colin Bundy, historian, retired Vice-Chancellor of Wits University, Principal of SOAS, University of London and of Green Templeton College, University of Oxford)
The sign of the fish: Judeo-Christian imagery (Hilary Hope Guise, artist and art historian)
Hip-hop activism (Associate Professor Adam Haupt, Centre for Film & Media Studies, University of Cape Town)
Humour in English literature (Emeritus Professor Stephen M. Finn, Department of English, University of Pretoria)
The Jazz Age (Dr Marcia Leveson, editor, writer, lecturer, publisher, teacher)
Kandinsky and The Blue Rider Group (Ann Stieglitz, art historian, Department of Continuing Education, Oxford University)
Researching fiction: writers speak (Ron Irwin, Helen Moffett, Lauren Beukes, Angela Makholwa and Finuala Dowling)
British writers: ‘walking into words’ (Dr Jean Moorcroft Wilson, biographer, publisher and lecturer, Birbeck College, University of London)

The life and music of Irving Berlin (Desmond Colborne, freelance lecturer)
Vermeer and Delft (Edward Saunders, freelance lecturer)