Hennie van Vuuren, director, and Michael Marchant, researcher, Open Secrets

Protected by harsh laws that ensured secrecy, the apartheid state from 1977 to 1994 constructed a sophisticated global money laundering system that facilitated the illegal purchase of weapons and weapon technology. Foreign governments, many of whom publically condemned apartheid, privately supported its securocrats for personal and political gain, as did businesses and banks in the country. These networks survived the transition to democracy. The final lecture will investigate links and continuities between the illicit dealings of the apartheid state and the crisis of state capture and corruption in democratic South Africa.



1. Apartheid profiteers: business and banks

2. Apartheid’s allies: the Big Five and other players

3. The long shadow of state capture


Recommended reading

Feinstein, A. 2011. The Shadow World – Inside the global arm trade. Cape Town: Jonathan Ball.

Holden, P. and van Vuuren, H. 2011. The Devil in the Detail: How the arms deal changed everything. Cape Town: Jonathan Ball.

Van Vuuren, H. 2017. Apartheid Guns and Money: A Tale of Profit. Jacana.


Date: Monday 22–Wednesday 24 January  
Time:  11.15 am
COURSE FEES Full: R310,00  Staff: R155,00  Reduced: R80,00