Carl Manlan, development practitioner

Across the world, millions of men and women invest time and creativity to transform their environment with the resources at their disposal. In Africa, and in other parts of the world, the people’s economy is often misunderstood and viewed through the narrow lens of lack of access and limited tax contribution. The people’s economy explores the relationship between formal and informal sectors as well as the opportunities that we have, as a community, to enable prosperity. In defining the contribution as informal, we often take a narrow view on their investment in society, yet the examples at the intersection of these productive means in society are more present than ought to be accepted. At the end of this double lecture, we should leave with a clearer understanding of what leaders in the people’s economy are contributing to the transformation of the African continent.


Recommended reading

Bhan, N. The hidden opportunities of the informal economy.

Manlan, C. Stopping the spread: a citizen’s engagement.





DATE: Saturday 29 January
TIME: 1.00 pm–3.00 pm
COURSE FEES: R150 (online)/R170 (livestream to lecture theatre on campus)