Dr Mignonne Breier, Honorary Research Associate, School of Education, UCT

The Sharpeville massacre in 1960, in which 69 people were killed by police, is generally believed to be the worst single-day massacre in the apartheid era. Bloody Sunday by Mignonne Breier challenges that view. The book is essentially about the life, death and memorialisation of Irish nun and medical doctor, Sister Aidan Quinlan, but it includes allegations that on 9 November 1952 more than 200 people were killed by police in Duncan Village, East London. The massacre took place at the height of the ANC’s Defiance Campaign and was covered up for reasons which include the brutal mutilation of the nun’s body by enraged protesters. In this lecture, Dr Mignonne Breier will discuss how she arrived at her conclusions about the massacre and its cover-up.


Recommended reading

Breier, M. 2021. Bloody Sunday:  the nun, the Defiance Campaign and South Africa’s secret massacre, Cape Town: Tafelberg.



DATE: Thursday 29 July 2021           
TIME: 1.00pm–2.00pm
COURSE FEES: R75