Summer School 2021

Parliamentary oversight under lockdown


Lawson Naidoo, Executive Secretary, Council for the Advancement of the South African ConstitutionThere have been concerns that the lockdown regulations across the globe undermined and posed a threat to democracy and accountability on the part of governments. In the context of South Africa, what role should Parliament have played to mitigate the impact on our constitutional democracy? While the Disaster Management Act does not require the involvement of Parliament in the formulation of regulations made in terms of that Act, could Parliament have done more? Apart from its legislative role, Parliament is also mandated by the constitution to exercise oversight over the executive and all organs of state. Has it exercised this function adequately, and held Government to account? There have been a plethora of legal challenges to the lockdown regulations – what role did the courts play in ensuring governance that is consistent with our constitutional framework?

This course will be offered on the Microsoft Teams platform. Participants will be sent a link.


Tuesday 19 January
Time: 11.15 am