Richard Peirce, environmental activist

Pangolins have long been sustainably harvested by local communities for their meat and scales, but today the burgeoning trade in these mammals has reached crisis point. Eight pangolin species occur worldwide, four in Asia and four in Africa, and all face extinction if current rates of hunting and trading continue unabated. New research supports the theory that a pangolin was the conduit by which the new coronavirus jumped to humans, setting off an international pandemic. This multi-trillion dollar disaster makes pangolin meat the most expensive meal ever eaten.

This lecture provides a timely exposé of the dangers of the trade in this enigmatic, little-known mammal and explains the links between wildlife and Covid-19. It includes the story of a particular pangolin poached in Zimbabwe and brought to South Africa to be traded.


Recommended reading

Peirce, R. 2021. Pangolins: Scales of Injustice. Cape Town: Struik Nature.



DATE: Thursday 29 July 2021          
TIME: 1.00pm–2.00pm
COURSE FEES: R75