Summer School 2021

Murderers: we can’t take our eyes off them

Gilad Stern, management consultant and lecturer, School of Management Studies, UCT

Murderers kill people, and we are fascinated. The most gripping TV shows and movies feature serial and other killers, detectives who study their minds, and the heroic or villainous lawyers who prosecute or defend them. What are murderers like, and does our fascination with killers say anything about us? Drawing on some of South Africa’s most notorious cases, this two-lecture course explores how the media’s representation of murderers influences not only readers and viewers, but the perpetrators themselves.



1. From Cain to Oscar Pistorius: murderers who imagined they’d get away with it

2. From Daisy de Melker to Upington: murderers who fascinate us


This course will be offered on the Microsoft Teams platform. Participants will be sent a link.