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Emeritus Professor Anwar Suleman Mall, University of Cape Town

As more knowledge of the gut-brain axis emerges, recent studies show that a continuous crude mucus gel, lining the mucosal epithelium of the gut, and providing lubrication, moisture and protection to the mucosal surface, is an extremely important component of the gut-brain axis. In the gut, protection by mucus is from the shear forces associated with the movement of food and hard fecal pellets through the gut lumen. Recent evidence has shown that the crude mucus gel is an important component of the gut-brain axis, providing nourishment for the gut microbiota and preventing these commensal bacteria from reaching and invading the epithelia lining the gut.

The first lecture will deal with various aspects of the biochemistry of mucus in the gut, whilst the second lecture will focus on the role of mucus in the gut-brain axis.


Lecture titles

1.  An overview of mucus in the gut

2.  Mucus and the gut-brain axis


Recommended reading

Damasio, A. 2006. Descarte’s Error. Vintage Books.

Enders, G. 2014. GUT: The inside story of our body’s most under-rated organ. Scribe Publications.

Gershon, M. 1998. The Second Brain. HarperCollins.

Participants will earn 1 CPD point for this course.





DATE: Thursday 13–Friday 14 January
TIME: 5.00 pm
COURSE FEES: R150 (online)/R220 (in person)