Nicole Franco, teacher, actress, project director

With increased trade and travel between China and Africa, a grasp of basic Mandarin has become essential, facilitating communication on a personal and business level.

For most non-Mandarin speakers the language appears daunting and inaccessible, with its ancient characters and sing-song tonal sounds. This introductory course demystifies the language and reveals the simplicity of its grammar and accessibility of its relatively small vocabulary.

Participants will be introduced to the sounds and tones of the language and learn simple grammatical sentence structures. They will be introduced to up to fifty traditional Chinese characters.

The main focus, however, will be on conversational Mandarin. By the end of the course participants will be able to converse in everyday situations and make simple travel and business enquiries. The sessions will be interactive, with participants expected to take part in drills and role plays.

Date: 19 January - 6 February

Time: 6.00 - 7.30pm


Full: R1 970,00        Staff: R1 380,00       Reduced: R1 040,00


Note: The course fee includes all course materials. Please note that this course runs for three weeks, including an extra week after Summer School ends.Mondays to Fridays. No admission to single sessions.MAXIMUM 20 participants.