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IN CONVERSATION - John Mattison and Susan Booysen

Author and columnist John Matisonn will be conversation with Professor Susan Booysen, media commentator and analyst, about the third in her trilogy of books on the ANC, Precarious power: Compliance and discontent under Ramaphosa’s ANC (Wits University Press, 2021). Professor Booysen’s new book argues that President Ramaphosa’s election was seen by many in the ANC as a ‘hostile takeover’ of the party. Ramaphosa’s response to ruling party dysfunction has been to create a parallel government, including separate structures right down to municipal level, and even a parallel power structure in the ANC. But can this save the ANC and the country, or is the ANC decline so steep that nothing can save it?





DATE: Tuesday 25 January
TIME: 1.00 pm
COURSE FEES: R75 (online)R85 (livestream to lecture theatre on campus)