Keith Gottschalk, retired senior lecturer, University of the Western Cape

Most African presidents agreed in 2018 to create the world’s largest free trade area . Nigeria, with Africa’s largest GDP, finally signed in June 2019, with reservations . The AfCFTA will embrace over one billion people and have a combined GDP of over thirty trillion rand . Economists expect it to significantly increase inter-African trade .

This lecture will give a historical overview of these precedents and then introduce the ambitious vision of the African Union and its regional economic communities versus the obstacles facing implementation of these treaties . It will trace the proposal for an AfCFTA back to the Abuja treaty of 1991 and conclude with a long-term view of the potential of the African Continental Free Trade Area.



Date: Friday 10 January
Time: 5.00 pm 
COURSE FEES Full R118 Staff & Students R59
Venue: Classroom 2A Kramer Law Bulding UCT