Associate Professor Frank Eckardt, Environmental and Geographical Science Department (EBS), University of Cape Town

This four-lecture course will examine various aspects of the southern African land and ocean environment. The first lecture will be an interactive talk on the fossilised tracks and traces left in the rock record by animals, including dinosaurs, which allow earth scientists to study the ancient behaviour of organisms and their interactions with past environments. The next lecture will focus on the archaeology and palaeoanthropology of major hominin sites in South Africa and show how, with the use of isotopes, it is possible to tell when our early human ancestors evolved and what environment they lived in. The third lecture will introduce readily available satellite data products and portals that capture the seasonal and inter-annually variable environment of southern Africa with a focus on its modern-day surface and atmosphere. The final lecture discusses recently acquired Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery, as well as shipboard and drone imagery of the coastal sea ice environment around Antarctica. The imagery captures the dynamics of this section of the cryosphere which constitutes a major part of the Southern Ocean at the tip of South Africa.



1. Seeing the behaviour of extinct animals    Dr Lara Sciscio, Department of Geological Sciences

2. The history of early hominids    Dr Robyn Pickering, Department of Geological Sciences

3. The dynamic southern African environment from space Assoc Prof Frank Eckardt, EBS Department

4. High and low level views of sea ice around the Antarctic ice coastline    Dr Keith MacHutchon, Coastal Marine Technology


Date:  710 August
Time:  9.15 am 
COURSE FEES:  Full:  R385.00  Staff:  R193.00  Reduced:  R95.00