Judge Kathleen Satchwell, retired judge of the High Court

The hostilities of the Great War ended in 1918, although the ramifications endure to this day. The first lecture of this course will recognise the animals that supported and saved the men of all armies. It will feature life-size puppets by the Handspring Puppet Company. The second lecture will cover the Spring Offensive during which the South African Brigade surrendered at Marrières Wood. Soldier Eric Dold was taken into captivity while others disappeared in the mud trying to hold the line at Messines (where a certain corporal Hitler was treated for injuries in the church crypt). The third lecture recounts stories of the war at sea. Submarine attacks and all shipping increased, resulting in the sinking of many hospital ships and the drowning of nurses, including Grace Bompas. The fourth lecture will focus on poetry written by South African combatants and those at home. The last months of the war that resulted in the Armistice of 11 November 1918 will be seen through the eyes of Roy Hill. 



1.    Animals in the Great War

2.    The German spring offensive

3.   Women at sea: submarine warfare and South African nurses

4.    South African war poetry

5.    Armistice


Recommended reading

Kenneally, T. 2012. Daughter of Mars. Australia: Vintage.

Nasson, B. 2008.  Springboks of the Somme. Johannesburg: Penguin Group.

Stephen, M. (ed.). 1993. Never such innocence: poems of the Great Wars. Everyman.


Date: 15–19 January  Venue: LT1, Kramer Law Building
Time:  9:15
COURSE  FEES   Full: R510,00    Staff: R255,00   Reduced: R130,00